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Guest Post Contributors Wanted!


Mellbe is a Social Media Marketing agency, so we are interested in Social Media related topics only! 

These are the type of articles we are interested in: 

  1. We love in-depth and informative how-to guides and/or tutorials. And this is what we usually publish.
  2. Tips-based articles may be acceptable too. However, they have to be advanced. Nothing basic, please!
  3. We love Infographics, please submit Social Media related Infographics only! If you have Infographics on different topics, submit to our friend’s website for free.
  4. Case studies, social media tool reviews, infographics, and checklists are also welcome!


These are simple guidelines, please follow each carefully to be accepted. If any of the guidelines are Ignored, your post will also be Ignored. It’s that simple!

  1. First and foremost, please read a few posts to get familiar with our format, style and the type of articles we usually publish.
  2. The articles you submit must be unique and advanced. Please do not send us basic tips or topics that have been well-covered on other sites. This is the number one reason that we reject submissions.
  3. Your content must be 100% unique. Copyscape and internal duplicate content checkers will be used to check your content for plagiarism.
  4. Our readers are U.S. based. So please write in U.S. English.
  5. You must have a good knowledge of English language, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
  6. Minimum 2000 words, more is okay, less is not.
  7. No links in the body of the content, unless they are closely related to the topic and are natural. They must provide extra information about the topic you are writing.
  8. No spammy, promotional and keyword stuffed links.
  9. Include Images, Infographics, and videos. You must own the rights to any digital media you submit to us. Royalty free images/videos are welcome.
  10. Once you submit your article to Mellbe it becomes our property. You must not re-submit it anywhere else. You may share it on your social media platforms.
  11. We have the right to edit your submitted content.
  12. Read the “How to Submit” section and send all the required information along with your topic(s).

What You Get In Return

  1. Relevant traffic to your site
  2. A Bio section with 20+ words about yourself or your business. A link back to your website and max 2 social media links.
  3. Social media mentions from Mellbe

How to Submit

Required Information Before Your Guest Post Suggestions are Considered or Reviewed:

  1. Include a short outline for each topic you are suggesting.
  2. Explaining the main points to be covered in the article.
  3. Please send your guest posts to [email protected]

Please Note: We have guidelines for a reason, if ANY of these guidelines are not followed, your request for a guest post will be rejected or ignored.