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Instagram is a social media site focused on engaging visual content. Popular accounts have millions of followers and a sphere of influence. It holds a high level of engagement and has captivated people to keep returning and interacting with content. Over half of people with an Instagram account log into the site daily. Social media marketers only have so much time to devote and want their marketing to be effective. Using the tips below, you will be prepared to use the platform in a way that increases your popularity with your target population without spending any money!

Tip 1: Post Visual and Emotional Content Consistently

People like stories and visual content. This content needs to be attractive, emotional, and aesthetic. Boring and dry content does not lead to people engaging with the content. This means that potential followers will not follow. If they do follow, they will not feel inclined to comment or like what is being posted. In addition to visually engaging content, it needs to be posted consistently. Your followers will not necessarily login every day. You want to make sure that when they do login, there is appealing content for them to engage with. Therefore, consistency is key to publishing visually engaging photos and other media.

interesting content

Tip 2. Embed Instagram Feed to your Website

Having social media accounts is great, but they all show up in disparate areas and streams. A nice way to bring all of these social media accounts together is to put them on your website. You can learn how to do that in our detailed tutorial How to Embed Instagram Feed and Photos to Your Website.

Why do this?

Embedding a picture on your website will give the ability to your website visitors to engage with your Instagram account and follow, like and comment on your pictures.

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Tip 3. Gain Relevant Followers

You have probably heard that a way to gain followers on social media is to comment and like posts by people who are popular. This is only partially true. While following popular people will increase your followers, they might not all be relevant followers. As an example, if you follow a bunch of fitness models but your own content has nothing to do with that industry, then people will follow you but will not engage with your content.

Instagram has an algorithm for how it ranks pictures. This is based on the number of comments and likes that you receive when a picture is first posted. Relevant followers means those that are in your industry. These people are more likely to leave comments and likes on an image. This will increase the ratio of engagement with your posts and it will rank higher in the algorithm. These posts could show up on the discovery page which will significantly increase the number of followers. The key to this tip is to follow popular users, but make sure that they are relevant to your industry.

follow other accounts

Tip 4. Collaborate with Other Influencers

When most people think of collaborating with influencers, they often think of pictures with two influencers in it. These influencers then post pictures of each other and tag the other in their profile. This is a way to get more followers, but it is not the only way to collaborate with influencers. Another option is to use pictures with friends and tag each other in those photos. You can then plan a giveaway for people who correctly share and tag your content. Have those people choose to tag both of you in the content they share. For this strategy to be successful, you need to start this co-tagging with an influencer who has a similar number of followers that you do.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Tip 5. Submit Content to Other Accounts

There is an infinite number of IG accounts, many of which have been in the game for a long time. These accounts have a lot of followers but do not post original content. Instead, they take curated content, publish it, and tag the person who produced that content. This is a key opportunity to create more followers and be an effective marketer.

As an example, there are a lot of IG profiles on fitness. These profiles focus specifically on the women in the fitness industry. Some of these accounts focus exclusively on posting content from others. If these accounts decide to post your content, you will gain a new stream of followers. Some of these followers will visit your page, like, and comment on your content.

curated content

Tip 6. Post picture with memes

Meme photos capture a recent event or an entertaining image. Taking mems that have been posted somewhere else on Instagram and posting them on your channel may not be that effective. Many people have seen these memes and will not be captivated by them the second time around.

However, if you can take a photo that has been popular before or capture a viral event you have the potential to reignite interest in that photo. This is accomplished through creating a meme. We all remember those iconic moments caught on film and memes are a way to build these viral moments. This can be spruced up by turning on IG advertising. This action will drive more traffic to the image, which will increase the viralness of the photo, push it to more people, gain followers, and increase engagement with the content.

Game of Thrones meme

Using these tips will help you to be more effective in the time you spend on the platform. People expect to be captivated by photos and content they see on Instagram. At the same time, they want to see new content. You could post the best content in the world, and without a strategy to get the photos into the stream of others, you will not be effective in increasing your followers. Combing great content and smart tagging, you will be on your way to being Instafamous.

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