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Social Media: the ever-evolving black hole of self-promotion and memes took the world by storm 14 years ago with the launch of (the at the time super exclusive) Facebook. Love it or hate it, social media has completely altered our definition of human interaction. Digital artist, Mike Campau, uses photography and digital street signs to share his interpretation of this phenomenon in his social media art project, Antisocial.


Where you go for fun filters and regret anytime, anywhere. “Check out this thing I did! Oh wait, no stop, I take it back! Also, I can look like a dog. Bark, bark!”

Snapchat funny street art
Snapchat funny street art, closeup


At first, a place to post random thoughts and feelings about that weird smell coming from your college roommate’s closet; now an information board for anything, everything and everyone.

Facebook funny street art
Facebook funny street art, close up


A photo diary of the life of your puppy and a new obsession with avocados, even a place to showcase your businesses portfolios. A great place to post surprises and fun events.

Instagram funny street sign
Instagram funny street sign, close up


The soundbites of life all in one place. A great place to play Devil’s Advocate.

Twitter funny street sign
Twitter funny street sign, close up


Facebook’s more mature cousin. The perfect place for introverts to network professionally.

Linkedin funny street sign
Linkedin funny street sign, close up


Behance is like Goodreads, but for artists. A place to share and like art and gain traction in hipster art circles. Created by Adobe, so you know it’s legit.

behance funny street sign
behance funny street sign, close up

Campau’s refreshing Social Media art exposes us to the reality of internal transformation we have all experienced every time we log on for the like. The artist uses Photoshop and Lightroom to generate the signage effects of his social media art. Each sign glows brightly in a dark and abandoned parking lot, a representation of our isolated yet desperate attempts for attention.

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