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Our Process

We are fully transparent!

Social media has changed the way customers interact with businesses. Allow us to take over your social media tasks so that you can focus on running your business, which is what you do best. Here you will find a comprehensive list of the available services we perform.

* Please Note: The following list is all-inclusive. Not all of these tasks may apply to you. The package and social platform(s) that you select will determine which of these tasks are necessary for you.

Learning and Research Stage:
  1. We learn about your business, demographic and target audience.
  2. We analyze your current social presence and your competitors.
  3. We do keyword research to find the best keywords to optimize your profile for better discovery and visibility.
Optimization Stage:

After gathering all of the information about your social presence and competitors, we then pinpoint your strong and weak areas and optimize accordingly.

(Organized alphabetically)

  • Ad Management and Set-up: We set up and manage social ads for your business based on the package you are subscribed to.
  • Article Writing and publishing: Some social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn give you the tools to write and publish articles on their platforms. These are social blogs, which are great for generating traffic and are good for overall brand awareness. Full content writing services cost .5 cents/word. These are separate from status updates. Status updates are free with all of our packages. LinkedIn article publishing is free. You are paying solely for our content writing services. Facebook Instant Articles are not free, and due to the complexity of setup are offered as an extra add-on.
  • Banner Design: We will design a banner that is the appropriate size for your selected social platform. Please note that this will be basic design work, if your design is too complex, you will be charged an extra fee for custom design work. (See below for Custom Design Work).
  • Basic Image Editing: Depending on the social package and platform you select, we can do basic editings such as basic color correction, light and shadow balancing, and cropping. If you need more advanced editing, we will charge for graphic design or photo manipulation services separately, which will require a custom quote. We do not edit every single photo, only the ones that are not visually appealing.
  • Custom Design Work and Content Creation: If you need custom banner designs, logos, wallpapers and/or any complex graphics for your social branding, our graphic design team can help you with this. We can also create custom content from scratch, including photography, videography and writing services. Please contact us for more details.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: A dedicated account manager will be assigned to work on your social networks and to provide support.
  • Earn Recommendations: LinkedIn allows your clients to provide feedback in the form of recommendations. While these are given willingly by your clients, we will do our best to earn these recommendations from your clients.
  • Engage with Followers/Connections: The Engage package allows you to interact with your followers and customers on a more personal level. We will engage in conversation, answer questions and reply to comments and direct messages on your behalf.
  • Events: We will set up and monitor social events for your business, based on the package and social network you select.
  • Facebook Services Tab: We will create a list of services you provide on Facebook’s Services tab to promote your services.
  • Groups: Depending on the social network and package you select, we will join relevant groups and grow your audience by interacting with group users and sending relevant traffic to your main social page.
  • Grow Follower (Connections) Base: We will grow your followers (Connections for LinkedIn) organically. We do not use any spam techniques or automated bots. Your follower base will be organic, engaged and authentic.
  • Job listings: LinkedIn and some other social sites offer tools to set-up jobs. We will set-up these jobs for you, however, we do not monitor the process, or communicate with the appliers, nor are we involved in the hiring process.
  • Keyword Tagging (Hashtags): We will use the keyword data from the keyword research stage to target your services, products, and location-based keywords organically.
  • Monitor Reviews: Depending on the package and social network you choose, we will monitor and reply to your reviews. It is a good practice to reply to both negative and positive reviews.
  • No Set-up Fee: Unlike other companies, we do not charge any set-up fees. We will do any set-up necessary, free of charge.
  • Pinned Posts: Some social platforms like Facebook and Twitter let you pin the most important information to the top of your social feed. We can pin special announcements, discounts, new products or anything you like… Just let us know!
  • Pinterest Boards: We will create and SEO optimize your Pinterest boards. Boards let you organize your Pins around different interests or ideas. Creating boards is an important part of your business strategy on Pinterest. They show people what your business is about, and what services or products you offer.
  • Pinterest Repins: Repins are optional, as some clients do not wish to pin other people’s content. However, repinning content from trustworthy sources that are relevant to your business is very beneficial in growing your Pinterest following and reach. The more quality content that you repin, the more Pinterest can learn about your business and in turn, show your content to relevant followers and users.
  • Profile Collaboration: If you have more than one Pinterest profile, we can set up a collaboration between the two accounts. Everything that is shared (pinned) will be saved to boards on both accounts.
  • Profile Optimization: In this stage, we will do an in-depth profile optimization which includes re-writing the text on your social profiles to target service/product keywords and location keywords. Updating business information, adding images/videos, adding customer beneficial information such as free parking, free Wi-Fi, accepting credit cards and more. The purpose of this task is to optimize your social profile for the search engines to ensure that your business page is visible when searched for on the major search engines and also internal search engines of social networks.
  • Re-tweets: We will increase your traffic and grow your follower base using a special scheduling system that automatically re-tweets your old content.
  • Set up Auto Responding Messages: Some social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn give the ability to set up autoresponder messages to reply instantly when a customer reaches out. This is important because no matter how hands on you are, it is impossible to respond to each customer message in a timely fashion. Especially with differences in time zones, it is simply impossible to personally respond to each and every message right away. With an autoresponder, you know that every message is being responded to immediately, which improves your users’ experience.
  • Special Offers: Some social sites, such as Facebook, have specific tabs for offering special discounts. We will set these up for you with your current discounts.
  • Status Updates/Posts/Tweets/Pins: We use a special scheduling system to post your content. During the Learning and Analytics Stage, we peak the best engagement time for your posts and schedule your content accordingly. This helps you gain more followers, more engagement with your posts and increase your brand awareness. Without a scheduling system, you are just shooting blank!
  • Stories: Facebook and Instagram stories allow you to share photos and small snippets of video with your followers on a loop that expires after 24 hours. Recently, stories have been gaining traction with users, because they are often seen as more personal than a traditional post. Stories are a great place to promote your business, offer discounts or specials and actively engage with your followers.
  • Story Highlights: Instagram story highlights are collections of the content that you have posted to your Instagram story. These are displayed on your main profile page, just below your bio. Any time you add content to your story on Instagram, you have the option to highlight that video or photo so that it is displayed on your profile for as long as you want to display it, rather than just 24 hours.
  • Twitter Lists:  Twitter lists are curated groups of Twitter accounts that you create. You can either create your own or subscribe to lists created by other users. When you view a lists’ timeline, you will see only tweets from accounts on that list. Twitter lists help you organize and improve your experience on the social network. The right list can help you find and engage with the right people, which will help to grow your business.
  • Twitter Moments: Moments are similar to Instagram or Facebook stories, (see above for details). You can curate and showcase your best content using Twitter Moments. Using Moments will increase your reach and engagement with current and potential customers.
Management Stage:
  • Engaging with clients: This is a part of Engage package and is optional. If requested, we will engage with your clients replying to comments and private messages. Please note, since you know your business better we cannot provide all the information requested by your clients. For example, we cannot provide information about your inventory, prices, service changes, policy and other similar questions that only you can answer.
  • Monitor reviews and comments: Depending on the package you are subscribed to, we will monitor your customer reviews and comments. If we find spam or offensive comments, we will remove them. We will reply to your client reviews, thanking them for the business. Please note, we cannot replay and/or comment to ALL reviews and comments, but we will do our best!
Analytics Stage:
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an in-depth reporting tool which allows you to track and monitor your website’s traffic and performance. These analytics reports can help you better understand your website visitors and customer base by monitoring information such as how long a visitor stays on your site on average, and how they were referred to your website (social media, search engine, etc.) We will gather all the social media related data and report it to you.
  • Social Media Specific Analytics and Insights: We will gather and send you the analytics data from your selected social network. Each network has its own analytics tool. We will send you this information and explain more in detail if requested.

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