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If you make a few simple changes to your Yelp strategy, you could eventually get to page one on Yelp’s internal search engine and become the top listing in your category and city.

Below Infographic by Amberd Design Studio and Infozyoum highlights the top ranking factors of Yelp!

Yelp Ranking Factors Infographic
  • You need reviews, any review, to be rated by Yelp.
  • Specific keywords in reviews such as your location or the names of the products and services help in rankings.
  • Double check you are listed in the proper category to be found by potential new customers.
  • Consider keywords and the name of your city before choosing a name for a new business as they can help your online rankings.
  • Your ratings are directly impacted by the quality of reviews while your page ranking is influenced by the number of reviews.
  • Elite members give you better ratings. These individuals have more influence than someone who has never left a review before.
  • Customer check-ins give an additional boost in ratings.

Do not forget to encourage your existing and future clients to leave positive feedback about their experiences. Use social media to reach your community for assistance. And, even if you do not have much competition listed on Yelp in your region, be sure to implement these practices now to stay ahead of the future competition.

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