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This Twitter Infographic by SurePayroll shows how to collect and look at existing Twitter data, which you can use to uncover characteristics of people engaging with your account.

Going beyond retweets, you can also see who is liking the posts and comments received. The information gained through analytics can inform future business directions and help you improve your Twitter marketing.

Infographic about Twitter analytics to improve engagement

Now let’s break down the information from the Infographic and review step-by-step.

1. Immediately Improve your Engagement

For small and medium-sized businesses, Twitter is a place of discovery and awareness.

The Infographic outlines:

57 percent of uses had found a new business on Twitter and of those 67 percent become followers of that business. Click to Tweet

73 percent of followers felt positive about that business because of Tweets they posted and for every five followers, three will make a purchase from the business. Click to Tweet

Twitter encouraged more action for followers of small business owners than other communication platforms like a website, social coupon site, email or direct mail by at least 20 percent. Click to Tweet
86 percent of followers will make one purchase from the business and 43 percent will make more than one. Click to Tweet

2. Twitter Analytics to Investigate your Success

Twitter includes more information than you actually need to conduct a comprehensive analysis. There are key questions to ask yourself with regards to Twitter analytics.

  • Do you have any relevant goals related to Twitter use?
  • What metric would be most useful to inform the overall assessment of your project?
  • Use that metric at the Twitter dashboard.
  • The Twitter analytics dashboard allows for visualization of your Tweet activity as well as the overall behavior and interest of the people who follow your account.

3. Understanding Twitter Engagement

  • Two key metrics are the engagement rate and the total number of engagements from one user.

There are a number of ways that a user can engage with Twitter content. The user might decide to retweet or follow based on a Tweet. They could also like and reply, link to, or expand the spread and network of the Tweet.

4. Natural Ways to Increase Audience Engagement

  • Tweet at times when your audience is going to be active.
  • Utilize apps as a tool to help manage the scheduling and posting of Tweets.
  • Include special features in the Tweets such as photos, quotes, hashtags, videos, and numerical data.
  • Increase the frequency of posts and keep the information short and direct.
  • Host weekly chats and live tweet from various events.
  • Express gratitude for your followers who share your content.

Knowing the strengths of Twitter creates a natural engagement strategy.  Take advantage of apps like Followerwonk and Buffer to know how users are interacting with your page and decide the best time to Tweet.

Including special features like photos or hashtags increases the odds of retweeting by 35 and 16 percent. Use Twitter often throughout the day and make sure to include Twitter chats with industry leaders and from marquee events and conferences.

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    Twitter is one of the best social media marketing sites I am using. Sharing useful stuff and engaging content increases the engagement with users.

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