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Geofilters are one of the most accessible and most fun Snapchat ads you can utilize on the social media platform to promote your business and branding. These ads let you create a simple filter for users within a specific timeframe and geographical area. You can create filters outside of the platform, or you can use Snapchats Geofilter ad creation page to assemble one from the provided templates.

Getting Started

Before you even open up the Geofilter creation page, you need to scroll to the bottom of Snapchat’s homepage and click on and download their branding guidelines. Snapchat is very particular about what they allow to circulating in the advertising space, and you don’t want to spend your resources creating a Geofilter ad that isn’t approved.

Also, please take a moment to look at the below Infographic by Amberd Design Studio, it is very important to learn the data than to put it into a good use when marketing any social media platform.

Snapchat Infographic: Facts for social media marketers

After spending some time getting familiar with Snapchat’s brand guidelines and reviewing the infographic data, it’s time to create a Geofilter! Click here to access Snapchat’s Ad builder page. The website gives the option to select what type of Geofilter you want to submit: Community, Personal, or Business.

creative tools

Select what most suits your advertising needs. Again, the builder gives you the option to upload your own filter, or you can create one with the tools provided. To upload, click on the filters then the upload button. Snapchat will upload your file to the designer.

Upload your own files

Using the Template Builder

Using the template builder is incredibly easy; it only takes a few minutes to pull together an attractive filter that adequately represents your branding and messaging. Let’s walk through an example.

To start, we will add the background graphic, choosing from the prom themes. You can change the color of the design in the proffered color pallet.

choose color

Next, you can add text which you can position however you want within the frame. Finally, we can include icons such as bitmojis. These can be resized and moved anywhere within the frame, too. You can also upload specific elements to add to your template if you have an icon or logo you want to include.

Since it is so easy to create filters, create a few options to submit for approval to allow for a backup should your primary design be rejected.

Setting Up the Ad

When you are ready to sign off on your filter, click next to set the parameters for your ad. The first step will be setting up the time frame during which you want your ad to circulate.

snapchat setup

After designating times, you need to set the geographical area you are targeting. The process is to click and drag your cursor over the desired area. To draw a map please click on the Draw Fence Icon and start drawing your targeted area, to reset the fence, click on the Reset Fence Icon and redraw. You will be able to drag and click as many times as necessary to get your preferred area.

Drawing a targeted map

The last step in locking in your advertisement is to submit payment. The form is similar to all online payment forms, and it asks for your credit card information.

Snapchat bases the payment page on the type of ad you chose at the beginning of setting up your Geofitler.

payment method

After you submit all the correct information, check the box to acknowledge you agree to the terms and conditions. Pay attention to the timeframe Snapchat lays out for giving your approval. This is an important fact when planning your ad. You will have to make any edits Snapchat issues necessary and resubmit for final approval before your launch date.

Creating a Geofilter is a reasonably painless process as long as you plan. Thoroughly familiarize yourself and your team with the brand guidelines, and give your Ad plenty of time to go through the approval process. Snapchat Ads are not a last minute endeavor, but when done in advance, Geofilters are an excellent way to build awareness about your business and brand.

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