We all spend hours searching for topics of interest. Some people may go to their favorite blog or forum, while others might use Google search. Bloggers and social media professionals do not have time to spend hours searching and building their audience. This is why sites like StumbleUpon are so helpful for driving traffic to your site. In this article we will provide you with an overview of StumbleUpon, basic strategies for using the tool, and more advanced strategies.

What is StumbleUpon?

It is a social media platform that provides an organized and curated place for others to search for information that is of interest to them. This website requires you to create an account and then tags that are of the greatest interest to your content. Tagging is absolutely the most important part of using the platform. If you do not tag your content appropriately, then others would never discover your content. A huge benefit for bloggers is that StumbleUpon is a high-authority website. This means that by linking your content with StumbleUpon, you may increase the power of your website on a Google search result and get a huge traffic.

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Basic Strategies

There are strategies that a beginner should start with to maximize the use of the platform. The most important of these is that there is no reason to spend more than 20 minutes a day on the site. If you follow the other strategies suggested, this should be more than enough time to efficiently use the site.

Step 1. Connecting Accounts

When you create a social media account, make sure it is connected across accounts. This creates visible shares in many different networks. It is very likely that your followers do not have all of the social media accounts that you use. It is not repetitive or tedious to share content in multiple ways.

Step 2. Create Account

Create your account and make sure that you create an effective profile. You have unlimited tags, so do not worry about having to pick the three or five best. It is important to note that you can only follow 600 people on StumbleUpon. Make sure that the people you follow are publishing good content and influential in the field. You can sign up with Facebook or your Google+ account. Either of those will help to pull relevant information into the system.

Step 3. Using Ads for Revenue

StumbleUpon uses ads as part of their business model. On StumbleUpon, your ad is the URL. There is no additional need to add ads such as banners because the content post is an ad in and of itself. Using ads is one of the most effective way to drive traffic to your site.

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Step 4. Use Browser Extension

Make sure to use browser extensions on any and all browsers that you use. Doing this makes it seamless to share and add content as you are searching. It maintains the flow of what you are currently doing.

In addition to making your own searching seamless, make sure to add the StumbleUpon share button to your blog or website. This allows others to share your content via the social media accounts you have connected.

Step 5. Choosing Interests

When you create your account, you need to decide who and what to follow. You should follow content that you anticipate publishing in OR content that is interesting to you. Consider seeing how the leader in the topic is developing the curriculum and possibly reach out to those people as well.


Step 6. Share with the Community

Make sure to give value and share other’s posts and content. By promoting StumbleUpon leaders, you can show that you follow the field, know who is influential, and are creating quality content. In addition to following established leaders, hone your skills at identifying emergent leaders. This is harder to do. Use resources such as Klout to see who these up and coming leaders are.

Step 7. Participate with Power Stumblers

Stay dedicated in sharing the content of Power Stumblers and you will likely see them sharing at least one of your posts. This can increase your potential audience by the thousands.

Step 8. Tag and Categorize Search

Post on relevant boards, create sections and use tags. It is important to remember that you do not have a limit to the number of tags you can use. StumbleUpon is not hashtag-driven, however, you can use a couple of hashtags and add them to the bottom of your description. The most effective descriptions are opinion based that provide detail into the content. Generic descriptions do nothing to differentiate your content.

Advanced Strategies

Step 1. Research

Oftentimes, you may find the need to scour content for your blog post. Maybe you need one more item for a list or a key statistic. StumbleUpon can be used as a way to find this tidbit of information you want.

Step 2. The DNA

Due to the vast number of tags possible, the system color codes each user. This provides a visual way of identifying what tags others are interested in.


Step 3. Post Consistently

StumbleUpon does not reward social media professionals with posting a bunch of content all at one time. Rather, it is preferred to post little chunks of content on a regular basis. This is a new style of writing and definitely takes time!

Step 4. YouTube

Rather than linking or directly providing one URL to the Youtube video, consider adding the video to a playlist and then share this link in StumbleUpon.

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