Social media is continuing to grow and develop with the users, expanding them from the world of Facebook and Twitter into 17+ primary social networks. Businesses can use various platforms to strengthen marketing strategies and reach customers in new and creative ways. According to Brandwatch, “Social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion from advertising in 2015.” This number only increases each year. It can feel overwhelming to know how to keep content fresh and engaging all the time, but there are tips and tricks to keep you and your business on top of the ever-changing trends and make your investment have the greatest effect. Here are 25 quotes from the top marketing influencers to provide insight and instruction on how to best approach social media marketing from a business perspective.

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Social Media Quote
Facebook Quote
Social Media Marketing Quote
Linkedin Marketing
Twitter Quote
Start a blog
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PR Marketing
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Linkedin marketing quote
Twitter Marketing Quote
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Like it
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Build it and they will come
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...
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Powerful quote
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The best quote
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